Thursday, 16 April 2009

Thursday 16th April 2009

So I'm starting this blog because all the pro ana/mia sites say to! Also i am really hoping it will help me to controll my eating, like if i am thinking about eating somthing that i know i will regret later I will stop myself because i know i will have to admit it to you readers! Well I'm sure no one will be reading this but on the off chance you are then please comment.
Starting from tomorrow I'm going to fast, Loads of people say that this is a bad idea on other sites but it makes me feel proud of myslef and i long to feel good.I actually like feeling hungry it gives me a sense of achievment.I long to look like the girls in the thinspo's.I would love to have tiny thighs.None of my friends or family no any of my issues some times my mum helps me with out meaning to, as she is always dieting i just follow her. My friends wouldnt understand and would try and make me change but the thing is i know i will only be happy when I'm skinny and everything else will just fall into place.When i read that back it sounds silly but if i really think about it I truly do believe everything would be so much better if i was thin.
I would really apriciate any comments as this is my first blog ( I wont normally ask so much,its just it would really boost my confidence for making the next one.
one day...


  1. Welcome! I'm new to the online world of ana too! I'm a bit older than you :) ok, a lot older; I'm 25 and have been dealing with my ED since I was 9, maybe younger. My only suggestion (mainly because you live at home) fast for a few days (maybe 2-3) and then try to eat a meal with your family otherwise they'll catch on pretty quick to what you're up to and trust me, you don't want that. Good Luck with the fast!

  2. Hey
    Thanks for the advice my mum is already suspicious today she shouted at me for like an hour ! It must be so nice to live away from them..sigh
    thanks xx