Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Wow i feel good i skipped breakfast and dinner and had a small salad for lunch
I went to gymnastics training and then had an apple I feel soo good and in controll coz i no i can do even better!
x x x


  1. Great job girlie! I'm currently 40 hours into a 4 day fast and lemme tell you it's starting to get hard! I almost lost it earlier starring at a banana on my desk, thank god for ANA buddies! Keep on track and kudos to you! Your doing great!


  2. omigosh you must be proud of yourselfi love like converting into hours (sounds weird but i am!) for example saying i havent eaten anything bar celrey in 24 hours :), and well done avoiding the banana I may try another fast but i want to get stonger maybe i could like gradualy go from eating what i am now to nothing

  3. btw do you have a link to your blog?

  4. u go gal
    keep it up
    here is my email add
    im 13 maybee we cud tlksmtym
    and hel eachova