Monday, 20 April 2009


Okay well my fast wasnt a complete failure i lasted one day. great. I was so disapointed with myself because i didnt ven need to eat when i did. My friends organised a pic-nic because of the sunshine! so they were all thee watching me so i felt like i had to eat..Who am I kidding I ate coz i was hungry and having fun.I regreted it ALOT later but at least i did one day and didnt completly binge at the pic-nic.That would have been a gross sight!

For the last few days i have been eating okay kinda healthly with the odd slip.Today I ate a small bit of sushi and lots of water I feel really good and posotive for school.

Its gonna be pretty easy to eat well at school i can skip breakfast with out much bother from 'the parents' and lunch i can eat a tincy wincy salad wich will keep my friends happy as there used to me skipping.Then i will tell family i am eating dinner at school with mates(im a day pupil at a boarding school) and tell school im eating at home but staying late

Pefecto! I wil write and tell you how it goes tomorrow..I think with ana i am good witht the theory i know what i shouldnt eat what i CANT eat i no what exersise i NEED to do... It's just the pratical that lets me down.

I have some read some other blogs and feel alot stronger + i have wonderful hunger pains!

just a thought i think being ana and a boarder would be aazing coz you dont have any family meals and your in complete controll of what you eat! wshfull thinking :(

thanks for comments btw really helped

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  1. Don't beat yourself up girl...I try everyday to restrict and usually my depression chokes me at the throat and I binge and purge all day. I fasted today and gained a fucking pound. Who knows??? Hopefully a 5am workout tomorrow will help. First one in years. Getting back into the swing of things I guess. Stay strong!! You can do it!!