Tuesday, 16 June 2009

not much to say.. still shittty :(

order of my worries
how i look
lack of exersice

too much for me.I cant do them all i either have to forget about the first 4 and just work on exams.. fuck that
i really need exams to be over so i can be back to getting thin for summer i wish i had longer. 16 days

Sunday, 7 June 2009

I cant belive ive let it come to this..

so long...
i need help! my parents are forcing me to eat they are doing everything. I couldnt cope i ran away..it was so stupid and was only like gone for a few hours but i had to get away
They say if they catch me skipping a meal i cant go to spain with my friends...before i know that i wouldnt of cared about Spain it wouldnt of seemed important but i have eaten 'normally' for ages now and i hate it.But its 2 weeks till spain.. I so want to fight against my parents and just like refuse food or will that just make everything worse.. maybe i could pretend i was better but i just think they wont belive it and will stay ultra strict about watching me eating etc. I dont know whether i should fight or what ?I mean it feels like it physically will hurt if i eat but its only 2 weeks and i think i could do it.WHAT DO I DO!! sorry this post is completly fucked up but i am so confused
not aloud on the comp anymore so will be back when i can