Friday, 17 April 2009


Right so I have done really well today i dot even feeel hungry.I went for a long bike ride and had a cold shower(does something to your metabolism ) but my mum had booked a meal in a restraunt! How can I avoid going or if they make me do i have to eat?
Any tips or adive??
I soo dont want to eat :(


  1. Just order some soup and say you don't feel very well - order a broth based w/ lots of veggies it most likely won't have many calories or if can't feign sickness, you could order a small side salad without any dressing and pick at that - the fresh veggies won't make you gain. Good Luck!

  2. thanks! will do :) still dreading it though.

  3. could you not just say your sick?

  4. Hey girlie! Welcome to the community! Thanks for reading my blog! I have the WORST time at restaurants, I usuallly cave. What I TRY to do is order like the side salads with dressing on the side cuz side salads are usually pretty small. Or say your stomach is bothering you like your other commentors. Eventualy though if you use that excuse everytime people will catch on. It's hard but just try self control or make up somethign you HAVE to do instead of going out to dinner at all like homework or something. I hope I could help!


  5. omg thanks guys that was soo helpful!I managed to get out of the meal by saying i was ill.Like you say i cant say that everytime :S