Friday, 17 April 2009

Day one Fast

Okay so its 1.25 and I have just woken up! Its coz I was online till late last night,this means i have already got through a load of the day with out eating!Today i am going to keep myself busy busy busy. I will do some sit ups and maybe go for a long walk.I was looking at and they both made list about why they need to be skinny. I agreed with almost all of them.
I want people to look at me and think wow i wish i looked like that.
I want people to ask me what clothes size i am and to be able to say 4
I want to be able to not need food, i want to see it as just food.
I want my friends to be insanly jelous of me (that sonds bad but truth!)
I want to model
I want to reach the perfect weight then everything else will be clear it self up.

Yes I know all those things are probs unhealthy and yes i wish i didnt have issues about food and i wish i was one of those people who are just naturally skinny and they eat what ever they want but I'm not. I'd rather be skinny than be normal with food.

So I have a ana friend that i found on a forum and we are fasting together.I am so excited about not eating i cant wait to feel hungry! Does anyone know how long i should fast for.I have only ever fasted for about 3 days at the most.But i am really motivated this time.


Right I am actually hating this one because I have had an amazing time with my friends but its so hard to not eat when I'm at some one elses house or when I am with all my mates.I will be stronger though.When i get back to school I will be back to routine meals wich will be much easier to miss or throw away with out any one noticing.Is it just me with the holiday thing?
I'll post tinight about how the fast is going.I feel so strong i will do it!

One Day...

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