Tuesday, 16 June 2009

not much to say.. still shittty :(

order of my worries
how i look
lack of exersice

too much for me.I cant do them all i either have to forget about the first 4 and just work on exams.. fuck that
i really need exams to be over so i can be back to getting thin for summer i wish i had longer. 16 days


  1. Hey ana_dollhouse from the chat, don't worry, things get had but you can do it. concentrate on your exams because if something goes wrong with those you will only feel even more out of control and desperate and it cannot help the other four. good luck and stay strong.

  2. hey, i know what it feels like , having to much on your plate so to speak. just focus on what you need to do for your future and worry about everything else after you get the time, stay strong

  3. hey i'm a new pro-ana blogger. i just found your blog. it's really good.
    also; exams are an epic bummer. i find it so hard to concetrate ):
    good luck.