Sunday, 7 June 2009

I cant belive ive let it come to this..

so long...
i need help! my parents are forcing me to eat they are doing everything. I couldnt cope i ran was so stupid and was only like gone for a few hours but i had to get away
They say if they catch me skipping a meal i cant go to spain with my friends...before i know that i wouldnt of cared about Spain it wouldnt of seemed important but i have eaten 'normally' for ages now and i hate it.But its 2 weeks till spain.. I so want to fight against my parents and just like refuse food or will that just make everything worse.. maybe i could pretend i was better but i just think they wont belive it and will stay ultra strict about watching me eating etc. I dont know whether i should fight or what ?I mean it feels like it physically will hurt if i eat but its only 2 weeks and i think i could do it.WHAT DO I DO!! sorry this post is completly fucked up but i am so confused
not aloud on the comp anymore so will be back when i can


  1. it's only 2 weeks, eat a little, be healthy about it for your parents and go to Spain - I bet you'll lose weight while you are there, you will walk everywhere and even if you eat you'll drop lbs

  2. eat standing up
    in thekitchen
    wen ur parents are ther make a sandwic and hv a bite wen they go out of the kitch hide it..
    hope it helps

  3. when i went to spain we rented bikes and even though i was eating cooked breakfast and dinner i lost weight from the biking xx